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Taskr Client

“Brian was exceptional! Arrived on time, added time for more tasks and was very organized and respectful. I have more tasks for Brian in the future!"

A. D.

"I was nervous going into this because it was my first time having someone help organize my clutter. Brian was very professional and assured me there was no judgement. He mentioned, the bigger the mess the more fun it is for him. It honestly would have taken me months to do what he did in 4hrs. Brian’s technique was exactly what I needed and there was no pressure to part with anything. We ended up with three large trash bags filled with donations and a box all packed and ready for my new apartment! Not only did he help me clean and organize, but he also offered to take the bags and deliver them to a donations center for me, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I highly recommend B-Cubed Organization! I am very impressed with his service and I’m sure I’ll have future tasks for him to help me with!"

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